Traffic & Weather Updates

“We would like to inform you that the late bus that is currently scheduled to leave the school at 17.15 Monday to Thursday, will now be leaving at approximately 17.20 / 17.25 this is due to the volume of traffic at peak time. We will endeavour to return back to the earlier time but at the minute this is impossible due to ongoing roadworks in the area. If the situation improves, we will update our website”


Weather Update:

Please contact the school for more details or call Jones Coaches on: 07860 437341

Please note that all our Stockport Grammar School Contracts are running as normal despite the weather warnings this week.

If there is any change you will be informed by the website from 07.00am on the day.

If we are struggling to reach the pick-ups on the day, I will endeavour to telephone / text parents with an update.

If you leave the house before 07.00am you can always ring the emergency number 07860 437341, before you start your journey.

If you have any question please:

Tel: 01625 431946 / 01260 253595